Friday, July 27, 2012

NBA Schedule Released

"Every time the league releases its schedule, an angel gets it's wings"

Last night felt like the NBA releasing an endangered species back into the wild: slowly and at a medium pace.  After last year's lockout and the phony schedule they put out, this year it feels much better KNOWING the games ahead and getting ready for some great match ups.  Plenty of notable games, including a monster lineup on Christmas.  

The top teams getting the most billings on national TV are as follows:

Miami has 10 games on TNT, Lakers have 9.  OKC also has 10 games on TNT.
Miami has 5 games on ABC, Lakers have 6.
Miami has 10 games on ESPN, Lakers have 9.
In contrast, Cleveland has 1 game on ESPN, and Memphis has 7.  Seven!

The Knicks and Celtics have the same numbers of nationally televised games.  Why?

Defending champs Miami will have 31 of 82 games nationally televised.  

Notable Games:

Miami heat will rise their banner on October 30th in front of the Boston Celtics.

Linsanity will return to the Garden on December 17th.

The Nets open their new stadium versus the Knicks on November 1st.

Nash will play in Phoenix, the city where he won two MVP awards, as a visitor on January 30th.

Joe Johnson returns to Atlanta for the first time with the Nets on Jan. 16.

Brandon Roy joined Minnesota this off season, so he'll get his first view of the visiting bench in Portland on Nov. 23.

Jason Terry's return to Dallas would be March 22, when the Celtics make their trip to play the Mavericks.

Less than 100 days until Tip-Off....who knows where this idiot will be playing next season...

Dwight Howard Idiot

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fast Break

New Throwback Uniforms set to debut next season, with a number of team wearing their "vintage" 1990's duds:

Pretty sweet selection- hearkens back to the days of Stockton/Malone, Barkley, Reggie Miller, Jordan, Alonzo Mourning, and a young Steve Smith in Atlanta.  Wise selection to stay with more recent unis that younger fans can relate to.  

Also set to debut are the NBA's New Winter League Uniforms, as home teams will wear these monstrosities on weekends during the second half of the season:

              NBA New Winter League Uniforms

The TBD in that photo is reserved for The New York Knicks who are rumored to be getting new unis next season.  Early word is that black will be removed from all uniforms, and the wordmark will be a little higher up.  In the NBA Store right now, every Knick jersey is on sale in the outlet, and the Jason Kidd Knicks T-shirt shows off the new font and logo.  So look for BOTH New York teams to be sporting new uniforms as they fight over new fans AND jersey sales next season.

The debate is also raging now about the addition of ads to uniforms starting in the 2013-2014 season.  Lets not start what European sports have ruined with sponsorships- the purity of the jersey and the game.  With companies changing every few season, the uniforms would follow suit and that is what separates American sports from the rest of the world.  Just say no, Commissioner Stern.

And finally, after signing Andrei Kirilenko, Alexey Shved, Greg Steimmsma and trading for Chase Budinger to play along side Kevin Love, Luke Ridnour, Ricky Rubio, Nikola Pekovic, and JJ Barea, Minnesota has taken the gold medal for the WHITEST. TEAM. EVER.  They will also be changing their name to the Timberwhites.

TWolves White Players
T'Wolves following the model set by the 1942 Lakers

Olé! Olé! USA tunes up Spain in Barcelona

With the final score 100-78, Team USA put an exclamation point on the end of their pre-olympic tour, routing Spain in front of their home crowd with an all around dominating performance.  Carmelo led the charge with 27 points, going 5-8 from deep.  LeBron added another gem, scoring 25 on 3-5 from beyond, and dishing out 7 dimes.  The team also received strong performances from Kevin Durant (13 points, 8 boards) and from Kevin Love in the paint with ten rebounds.

USA v Spain Box Score

Figuring the game to be much closer, the Spanish team did not live up to the trash talk they were dishing out all week.  Marc Gasol did not play, so expect a different look from them come playoff time.  Still, the home team were expecting a closer game, but it does not look like they will be able to match up with the athleticism of Team USA out on the perimeter.

After five pre-olympic games, it looks like the trio of James, Durant, and Anthony will be doing a lot of the hefty lifting, with guys like CP3, Westbrook, Williams, and Iguodala providing defensive pressure and starting the transition game.  Not sure if there is a team that can match up with the US, but Lithuania and Spain should be their best competition in the opening round.

Team USA Basketball
Who wants a High Five ??

Monday, July 23, 2012

USA Bests Argentina 86-80

The final box score does not tell the full tale of USA's big win over Argentina yesterday.  Although the final score makes it appear close, Team USA jumped out to a 16-1 lead, then 19-3, finishing the first quarter 31-16.  Kevin Durant led the charge, going 7-11 from behind the arc for 27 points.  Kobe played big minutes and finished with 18.  LeBron also had a solid game, posting 15, 7, and 5. 

Team USA held off several Argentinian runs late in the game, and managed to maintain control, even though the team shot 45% from the field for the game.  Their attacking style and transition managed to keep Argentina on their heels playing catch up for the entire game.  It was the team's best test to date, and they have one more tuneup before the olympics, playing Spain in Barcelona on Tuesday. 

Melo Team USA v Argentina
Since losing his starting spot, Carmelo Anthony has been seen HUSTLING on the court. 
Pictured here fighting for a loose ball with a hairy Argentinian.

On a side note, Team USA came out sporting fantastic throwbacks paying homage to the '92 squad that dominated in Barcelona, where the team is currently playing.  Here's a few pics of those beauties: 

LeBron Team USA v Scola Argentina    CP3 Team USA v Argentina   Kobe v Ginobli USA v Argentina

Team USA Barcelona
The Boys Ballin in Barcelona

(Photos credit: Andrew D. Bernstein /NBAE/Getty Images)

Friday, July 20, 2012

USA tunes up Great Britain for a Jolly Good Show 'Ol Chap !

The US had a solid showing yesterday against Great Britain in Manchester, England.  Although they did not pull away until the second half, the team showed its incredible potential with their killer perimeter defense and transition abilities. 

The box score looked great, as most players split time evenly and everyone got a chance to blend together.  Kevin Love got some more playing time down low, as did Anthony Davis who finished the day with four blocks.  The offense exploded in the second half as Deron Williams went 5 for 6 from deep for 19 points and 5 dimes.  Carmelo also had a monster 19 off of the bench, going 3 for 5 from deep.  Coach K chose to go with a quicker lineup to open the game, starting Deron Williams and Kevin Durant in place of CP3 and Carmelo.  Even though he came out a bit flat against Brazil, Melo was able to dominate inside and outside against Britain and show his true potential on this team. 
Team USA Box Score v Britain

Next up are the true tests for Team USA as they go head to head with #2 and #3 ranked teams in the world Argentina and Spain next week.  The team will spend the weekend in Barcelona, eating gaspacho and training with bullfighters.  Ole!

Melo Team USA
'Melo gettin nasty in Manchester

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fast Break

With all of the veteran signings, the NBA is Partying like its 1999.

Great article from Deadspin on how Michael Jordan and Nike teamed up to conquer the world.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe writes a great piece on why Ray Allen might have left Boston — and the nearly $3 million more per season the Celtics offered him

The NBA Salary Cap will be set at $58 million this season.

Questions about the new CBA and Salary Cap rules? check out Larry Coon's CBA FAQ.

Kyrie Irving challenges Kobe to a 1-on-1 game for 50K

And finally, Jeremy Lin is a Rocket...

Jeremy Lin Funny
Take that New York !

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Dreaming Yet

US beats Brazil, but need to improve before Olympics

With a smaller roster for the Olympics this year, we can expect Team USA to play a quicker style perimeter game, find the open man and take the open shot every time.  That is exactly what they did last night, and Brazil was more than happy to give them those open looks.  Team USA came out flat last night, missed lots of open jump shots, and watched Brazil jump out to a 27-17 lead after one quarter.  The US must establish themselves down low and work the inside outside game if they want to dominate games early.  LeBron and Melo need to work from the low post and stop. shooting. jumpers.

The Case for Kevin Love.

One glaring weakness prevalent all night was the lack of inside game for Team USA.  With Carmelo Anthony starting at power forward, you would think he should set up on the low block and use his quickness to his advantage.  But no, Melo was hanging around the 3 point line all night, hoisting up shots and going 1 for 7 from the field.  He is most effective DRIVING TO THE LANE, not going ISO and taking bad shots.  When the shots aren't falling, this team is going to be in trouble against better teams like Argentina and Spain.  If this happens again, Team USA needs to insert Mr. Kevin Love, the only true power forward on the entire roster.  Love has a killer inside/outside game that should translate perfectly to the international game.

Take a look at Love's and Anthony's numbers from last season:

Love had a better FG %, 3PT %, FT %, averaged 7 more rebounds and 4 more points per game.  Melo is 6'8", 230 pounds, and Love is 6'10", 260 pounds.  Love averaged 26 points and 13 rebounds a game this past season.  He can post up AND knock down the three.

Why is he not playing more?  Is Coach K saving him as his secret weapon?  Five minutes for Love last night does not cut it.  He could spell Tyson Chandler as backup Center and draw the opposing big man out of the paint, opening up the entire floor for the rest of the team, not to mention his monster rebounding skills.  Last night Brazil out rebounded the US 38-30.  We are not going to dominate if we continue playing James, Durant, and Anthony in the back court.  They need Chandler or Love in at all times to help lock down loose rebounds and control the paint.  Last night for Brazil, Anderson Varejao had 13 rebounds, and Nene and Tiago Splitter had 6 a piece.  For the US, Tyson Chandler had 1.  ONE.  Melo had 4.  That will not suffice against the Gasol brothers of Spain.

Here's the box score from last night:  Aside from Bron's 30-6-4, not much else sticks out.  Iguodala will be playing major minutes, as his defensive versatility will be a big help.  It was also fun to watch Deron Williams and Westbrook share a back court, those two should provide a big punch off of the bench.

The team still has a few more practice games to tweak their game plan and rotation.  Expect a blowout against Britain on the 19th, with their true tests coming up against Argentina on the 22nd and Spain on the 24th.  Only time will tell.  Let's go USA!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dream Team Comparison

This should sum it up for anyone who thinks it is a valid argument.  Kobeeeeee

From David Aldridge's terrific weekly article:

"But in '92, Jordan had just turned 29. He was coming off a second straight NBA title with the Bulls, having won the regular season and playoff Most Valuable Player awards. He was first-team All-NBA and first in the league, according to the statistical website, in Player Efficiency Rating. He averaged 30.1 points, 6.4 rebounds and 6.1 assists in the regular season; 34.5, 6.2 and 5.8 in the playoffs.
His Bulls teammate, Scottie Pippen, was 26 in '92. He averaged 21 points, 7.7 boards and 7 assists that season, making the second of his seven All-Star games. He was first team all-defense; the year before, he completely changed the 1991 Finals when he was able to harass Johnson full-court, stifling the Lakers' vaunted fast break.
Charles Barkley was 29, averaging 23.1 points and 11 rebounds in '92, shooting 55 percent from the floor. He was a year away from winning league MVP honors, having been named second-team All-NBA in '92. He was fourth in PER that season. Karl Malone, the Jazz's superstar power forward, was third in PER that season, averaging 28 points and 11.2 boards. He made his fifth straight All-Star game that season and was first team all-NBA.
In the back of the Dream Team's defense was Patrick Ewing, then 30, who averaged 24 points, 11.2 rebounds and 3 blocks that season. He was second-team All-NBA, second team all-defense, having made his sixth All-Star game. Also playing center was the Spurs' David Robinson, then 27, who'd just finished his third NBA season after having spent two years in the Navy Reserves. He led the league in blocks in '92 (4.5 per game), to go with 23.2 points and 12.2 rebounds, and was the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year. He was second in the league that season in PER. (The Dream Team had 10 of the top 20 leaders in PER that season, according to
That left slackers and deadweights like Chris Mullin (25.6 points per game in '92, averaging a league-leading 41.3 minutes per game, first team All-NBA), Clyde Drexler (25 points per game, first team All-NBA), John Stockton (second team All-NBA, second team all-NBA defense, led the league in assists and steals that season) and Christian Laettner, who'd only won the Wooden, Naismith and Associated Press Player of the Year awards as a senior at Duke, to fill out the roster.
The team was so good that Jordan was the only player who started each of the eight Olympic games. Chuck Daly had to rotate lineups as much as he could; can you imagine what would have happened if anyone other than Laettner, the college kid, had gotten a DNP-CD?"

Any more questions?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Free Agency Updates

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Down in Houston they have decided to amnesty Luis Scola and his 3 years and $21 million remaining on his deal.  It looks like the Rockets are putting in all their chips for the DUHwight Howard sweepstakes.  They appear to be front runners to land DUHwight, mostly because they are now able to absorb the contracts of Davis, Duhon, Richardson, Heedoo TurkeyGlue as well as Howard, and then send back their three first round draft picks from this year, as well as a combo of future picks and players.  Orlando would be in total rebuild mode with lots of young players and cap space.

Over in big D, Dallas appears to be on the rebound after losing out in the first round of free agency.  They were able to solidify their back court adding Darren Collison and solid wing defender Dhantay Jones in a sign and trade deal with Indiana for Center Ian Mahinmi.  Looks like a win win for both teams.  Dallas also signed Chris Kaman to a one year deal, pairing up the 2008 German National Team's front court.  Kaman should provide stability down low if he can stay healthy.  Dallas is also in the running for amnestied big men Scola and Elton Brand, adding even more depth and scoring to the low post.  This coming after they amnestied their own big man Brendan Haywood.  Dallas will be fielding a new look team next year, but they did get younger and stronger in the back court and that should pay immediate dividends.

Bobcats sign Ramon Sessions to a two year deal.  They also look to be in the running to bid for the services of Kris Humphries.

Jose Calderon wants out of Toronto with Lowry now replacing him as starting point guard, and is working with the team now on a deal to get the Spaniard out of Canada.

Indiana signed DJ Augustin to a 1 year deal to back up George Hill.

Nets gave Brook Lopez a 4 years $61 million dollar max deal after the DUHwight Howard talks broke down.  Meanwhile his brother Side Show Bob Robin is still looking for work down in Phoenix.

The Golden State Warriors are looking to add a big man to their front court, with Kenyon Martin, Antawn Jamison, and Carl Landry on their short list.

The Nuggets have offered 5 years and $50 million to JaVale McGee.  Yes, 50 million to this guy:

After all his blunders in Washington, he did play solid for Denver against LA in the playoffs.  Ahh playoffs, where terrible NBA contracts are born.

More signings to come, Happy Spending!

Team USA Squeak out a 54 Point Victory

First exhibition game for Team USA last night, and they were able to put on a show versus the Dominican Republic, winning in style 113-59.  The Killer Unibrow made his debut in light of The Dunkman's torn meniscus   Highlights below:

Box Score looks solid, with most of the starters resting and the young guys getting a chance to run early.  D Will was impressive with 10 assists, and expect Durant to put up big numbers shooting tons of threes with that shortened 3 point line and plenty of wide open looks.  Next game is July 16th versus Brazil.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kyrie Irving- BALLING

Kyrie Irving has turned a lot of head and really impressed the staff at USA camp this week.  The Select Team won a scrimmage against the Olympic Team 14-11 with Irving scoring 11 of the 14 points for the select squad.  Head of USA Basketball Jerry Colangelo made an interesting remark to the media after the game, saying Irving could easily switch courts. ( Referring to Select Team on one and the Olympic Team on the other during practice)

If anything, Irving has solidified himself as the heir apparent to the USA basketball throne with his performance this week.

Earlier this summer Irving was in one of the best commercials an NBA player has put out in a while, going deep undercover and acting as old man 'Uncle Drew' schooling 'young blood's on the court for Pepsi Max.



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Agency Updates

Teams are 'officially' allowed to sign players starting today, so here is the latest round of movements.

Jesus Shuttlesworth agreed to 3 years $9 million with the Miami Heat over the weekend. 
Rashard Lewis also agreed to the veterans minimum with the Heat, solidifying their outside shooting next season.  Since he's already made $100 million is his career, Lewis agreed to be paid in waffles and bubble gum this year.

Rashard, using his patented 'Turd Face' against KG.

The Knicks locked up their bench, re-signing Steve Novak to a $15 million dollar contract, assuring the 'discount double check' for at least 4 more seasons.  J.R. Smith signs a 2 year deal, and 40 year old Marcus Camby signs a 3 year deal, essentially locking up the Knicks cap and assuring mediocrity for at least two more seasons.

White Guys sure do love their car insurance.

Tim Duncan re-signs with San Antonio for 3 years.

Blake Griffin signed his 5 year $95 million dollar contract.  Blake Face.

The Pacers matched the Blazers offer for Roy Hibbert.

The Wolves offered Nicolas Batum 4 years and $45 million.  Portland can and should match, although Nick has asked for a sign and trade to Minnesoter.

The Sixers traded a 2006 second round pick and a Subway gift card to Golden State for Dorrell Wright.

The Hawks have signed Lou Williams to a multi year deal using their mid-level exception.

More signings to come today, Happy Spending!
Jesus is taking his talents to South Beach


Monday, July 9, 2012


The preliminary 15 man roster was shortened to its final 12 this weekend after scrimmages against the select team, with the finalists below:

PG- Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook
SG- Kobe Bryant, James Harden
SF- LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Andre Iguodala
PF- Blake Griffin, Kevin Love
C- Tyson Chandler

Not many surprises, but the selection of Andre Iguodala shows how the team has evolved since the last Olympics, mostly due to the 'big man injury bug of 2012'.  Expect to see Carmelo and LeBron playing a lot of power forward, as the US team will try to spread the floor and attack from all angles, using their size and speed to their advantage.
This month the US team has a number of scrimmages, then they head to Barcelona for final tune ups against Argentina and Spain before the Olympics begin.  Time to dust off your Dream Team windbreaker and get ready for another gold medal.

You mean THIS classic?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sixers Sign Nick Young, Amnesty Brand, Improve Team

 The Sixers finally made a splash in free agency today, agreeing to terms with Nick Young on a 1 year deal in the $6 million dollar range.  The Sixers were in desperate need for a shooter/two guard this offseason after Lou Williams opted out of his final year and was looking for a long term deal in the $40 million dollar range.  As a Philly fan, its tough to see one of your best scorers go. The city watched his entire career develop over the past several years from a second round pick right out of high school to solid 6th man.  But it made sense for Philly; they don't commit long term dollars, and they get a slight upgrade in Nick Young.  Hopefully playing on a one year deal will keep Young motivated to perform all year.

Young should come in and compete for the shooting gaurd spot right away.  Evan Turner played solid in his second year campaign, but the team struggled at times to score.  That is where Nick Young should provide an instant spark.

On the same note, the Sixers have some more financial flexibility in signing Nick Young now that they have amnestied Elton Brand and the 18 million dollars he was scheduled to make next year.  Brand's hard work in the paint was appreciated, but he never lived up to the superstar contract he signed, and had career low numbers the past few seasons. 

Letting go of Brand will now allow the young frontcourt of the Sixers to develop.  Thaddeus Young will see more playing time at the four, along with Lavoy Allen who had a great playoff series against Kevin Garnett.  Throw in rookie Arnett Moultrie and the Sixers all of a sudden have great depth, youth, and size at the power forward position.  Second year big man Nik Vucevic will backup re-signed Spencer Hawes providing more stability at the center position to compliment their young core of big men.

New rookie Maurice Harkelss shoud also provide a scoring punch off the bench, giving them a solid scoring option at small forward.  The talk every year is about trading Andre Iguadola, but they need his defensive skills more than ever to gaurd the likes of Paul Pierce, Carmelo Anthony, and LeBron James in the Eastern Conference every week.  Iggy provides a solid defensive minded veteran presence on the floor that will be much needed next year with Brand gone.  He will have to assume a bigger team role in helping mold these young guns into serious playoff contenders.

With all that being said, the Sixers were smart, concise, and didn't have to spend the most money to make the most improvement.  They upgraded two positions, and should field a much stronger, younger, faster, and cheaper team next season.

Free Agency: Day 6

Minnesota Making Moves

Early reports out of Minnesota have the Timberwolves signing former all-star and recently retired shooting guard Brandon Roy to a 2 year $10 million dollar contract.  If Roy stays healthy, he should be a perfect fit in the Wolves back court.  They also wasted no time making a lucrative offer to restricted free agent Nicolas Batum for 4 years and $45 million.  Sources say Batum really wants to be in Minnesota but the Blazers can match the offer.

After dealing for Chase Budinger in the draft, Minnesota has made it clear they are making a push for the playoffs this year.  They have the right amount of youth and felt this year they needed to add more veteran pieces.  Along with the emergence of Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love, and a young Derrick Williams, this team should be competitive from opening tip off next season, especially if they can land Batum.

The Clippers were also busy yesterday shoring up their back court agreeing to terms with Chauncy Billups and Jamal Crawford.  Billups signs a 1 year deal for $4.3 million, while Crawford signs for $16 million over 3 years.  Looks like no Jesus Shuttlesworth in La La Land this year.

It does look like Jesus will most likely resign with Boston, with the latest sources saying Boston is willing to add a no-trade clause.  Boston also locked up Brandon Bass to a 3 year deal worth $20 million, and sources say they are close to finishing a deal with Jeff Green for a reported 4 years and $40 million.  Boston has re-tooled, added size and depth to their bench, and should give Miami and Chicago plenty of trouble next season.

Should Jesus re-sign with the Gentiles in Boston?
Or betray his people and sign in Miami?

Up in Canada, the Raptors have dealt for their point guard of the future, acquiring disgruntled Kyle Lowry from Houston for Gary Forbes and a future lottery pick.  The Raptors can now dangle Jose Calderon as a nice trade deadline piece for a contender next year. 

Yesterday it was reported that Jason Kidd re-upped with Dallas, when in fact he signed with the New York Knicks for the same reports 3 years and $9 million.  Kidd should add stability to the Knicks back court, but it is yet to be seen if they will match Houston's offer for Jeremy Lin (4 years $29 million)

Old Jason Kidd
Does the old wizard have one more trick up his sleeve?

And finally, SACREBLEU !! Joakim Noah has dropped out of the French Olympic Team due to his bum ankle aaaand most likely his affinity for smoking weed on the beach with topless models in the off season.  Seriously.  Google it. 

More signings to come, Happy Spending!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Steve Nash is Fat Batman

Newest Laker Steve Nash making his Hollywood debut for his new city:

Free Agency: Day 4- Part Deux

Early reports are that Kyle Lowry has been traded to Toronto for a package that includes a lottery pick.  On that note Houston has offered Jeremy Lin a 4 year $31 million dollar deal, although New York is expected to match.

Jamal Crawford agrees to a deal with the LA Clippers.

Jameer Nelson resigns with Orlando.

Jason Kidd has resigned with Dallas for 3 years and $9 million.

More to come, Happy Spending!

Free Agency: Days 3 & 4

The Sun rises and sets in Phoenix.

Phoenix was the epicenter of the NBA free agency world for the past 24 hours.  Steve Nash is a Laker.  Thoughts?  LA was able to sign and trade for the two time MVP for a bucket of draft pics.  Nash agreed to a 3 year $24 million dollar deal.  Wasting zero time, in his place the Suns signed Goran Dragic to $34 million over 4 years.  Dragic is no Nash, but has shown flashes of brilliance in his past few seasons.  Phoenix also stayed busy yesterday signing Michael Beasley to a 3 year $18 million dollar deal.  Beasley should be able to step in and help a Phoenix team put more points on the board.  However, they weren't finished with just Dragic and Beasley, they have also offered Eric Gordon a max contract of 5 years and $58 million which New Orleans is planning to match.  But for a team destined to lose the face of their franchise, they wasted no time finding replacements to field a competitive team next season.

Nash and Kobe
Kobe reminding Nash "You pass, I SHOOT."

Out on the east coast Jason Terry has agreed to a three year deal with the Celtics at the full mid-level expception of 5 million per year.  Terry joins a talented but aging Celtics team who still hope to re-sign Jesus Shuttlesworth, Jeff Green, and Brandon Bass.
The Rockets have reportedly offered Jeremy Lin $31 million over for years.

Sixers re-sign Spencer Hawes to 2 year $13 million dollar deal to help sure up the paint in Philly.  Now he needs to sure up that neck beard.

Rudy Fernandez has agred to a three year deal with Real Madrid,  suring up his brief and complaint filled NBA career. 

Thunder sign Hasheem Thabeet to a two year deal, agreeing to pay him in McDonalds Happy Meals and an old Nintendo.

Jason Kidd is working on a deal to rreturn to Dallas.

Could Grant Hill join his teammate Nash in LA? 

Where will the cyborg Ersan Ilyasova sign?

Goran Zoran
Goran Dragic has a brother on Houston's
Summer League Team, and HIS NAME IS ZORAN.
 Goran and Zoran.

More to come, Happy Spending!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Agency: Day 2

New Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry wasted no time braking up one of the most boring playoff teams ever, first trading Marvin Williams to Utah for Devin Harris, then shipping out the face of the franchise Joe Johnson and the $90 million left on his contract to the Brooklyn Nets for a steaming pile of jump shooters.  Brooklyn adds a six time all-star to help open their new stadium this fall, and Atlanta now has lots of crap, I mean cap space to work with. 

Dwight Howard continues down his spiral of idiocracy, telling his new GM he'll only sign "with one team", hurting both the Magic and any potential suitors.  It appears with the Joe Johnson trade that Nets GM Billy King was not going to sit around and play charades all year with Dwight, and he also wanted to lock up another star in hopes of re-signing Deron Williams.  (We should have Deron's decision in 24 hours)   Looks like Dwight might have ruined his own chances of heading to Brooklyn, but hey, at least Orlando can rely on Dwight's 'loyalty' to help out sales in their team store:

Dwight's idea of loyalty: Destroying an entire organization.

The Celtics made a big splash this afternoon signing Jason Terry to the Full Mid-Level Exception.  Boston has hopes they can re-sign Ray Allen, while still having space to sign some more key free agents. Meanwhile Jesus Shuttlesworth is visiting with Memphis, Miami, and the Clippers this week.  Looks like Boston will be right back in the mix with a loaded roster next season.

Up in Toronto, the Raptors have offered a three year deal to....wait for it.....Landry Fields!!  In hopes of reeling in Steve Nash, the Raptors simultaneously screw over the Knicks! Win, Win?  If the Knicks match Fields offer, they can't trade him nor have enough money to sign Nash, essentially eliminating the Knicks from the Nash sweepstakes.  The Raptors will get a solid, eh, second round, um, glue guy to help forge the Raptors playoff run? All the while offering over 54 million to the Nash and Fields killer combo? Someone alert the Canadian Mounties.

The Pacers re-signed George Hill to a 4 year deal, locking up their second round playoff exit for the next few seasons.

Soon to be 40 year old Grant Hill had himself the 'German Kaiser Knee Special' this summer, and is drawing interest from the Lakers, Knicks, Suns, and Raptors.  His AARP card is set to kick in next season.

More free agency news to come.  Happy spending!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Agency Frenzy

Today, July 1st teams are allowed to begin negociations with NBA free agents.  Those contracts can be signed starting on July 11th.  With that being said, here is the latest free agency information out of the gates on day 1:

-The Hawks and Nets are discussing a potential Joe Johnson trade

-The Trailblazers have offered Roy Hibbert a max deal of 4 years & 58 million.  The Pacers have 2 weeks to match.

-Houston has offered Omer Asik 3 years and $25 million.  Chicago has 2 weeks to match.

-The Nets agreed to a 4 year $40 million dollar deal with Gerald Wallace.  A major piece needed in keeping Deron Williams. 

-Kevin Garnett has agreed to a 3 year $34 million dollar deal.  David Aldrigde discusses Bostons hopes to re-sign Allen AND Green.  Boston is also interested in signing free agent OJ Mayo.

-Dwight Howard is continuing to destroy his credibility, stating he will only sign an extension with Brooklyn.

-Andre Miller has agreed to re-sign with the Nuggets on a three year deal.

-Blake Griffin agreed to a 5 year $95 million dollar extension.  On the same note, CP3 declined his extention with the Clippers, and will wait until next year to sign. 

-The Raptors are making a huge pitch for Steve Nash, offering 3 years and $36 million, along with a plethora of sponsorship and post-career homeland oppurtunities.

-Sixers locked up rookie big man Lavoy Allen, who logged major playoff minutes gaurding Kevin Garnett this past year.

Stay tuned to Roundball daily for all free agent updates as they unfold.