Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free Agency: Day 2

New Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry wasted no time braking up one of the most boring playoff teams ever, first trading Marvin Williams to Utah for Devin Harris, then shipping out the face of the franchise Joe Johnson and the $90 million left on his contract to the Brooklyn Nets for a steaming pile of jump shooters.  Brooklyn adds a six time all-star to help open their new stadium this fall, and Atlanta now has lots of crap, I mean cap space to work with. 

Dwight Howard continues down his spiral of idiocracy, telling his new GM he'll only sign "with one team", hurting both the Magic and any potential suitors.  It appears with the Joe Johnson trade that Nets GM Billy King was not going to sit around and play charades all year with Dwight, and he also wanted to lock up another star in hopes of re-signing Deron Williams.  (We should have Deron's decision in 24 hours)   Looks like Dwight might have ruined his own chances of heading to Brooklyn, but hey, at least Orlando can rely on Dwight's 'loyalty' to help out sales in their team store:

Dwight's idea of loyalty: Destroying an entire organization.

The Celtics made a big splash this afternoon signing Jason Terry to the Full Mid-Level Exception.  Boston has hopes they can re-sign Ray Allen, while still having space to sign some more key free agents. Meanwhile Jesus Shuttlesworth is visiting with Memphis, Miami, and the Clippers this week.  Looks like Boston will be right back in the mix with a loaded roster next season.

Up in Toronto, the Raptors have offered a three year deal to....wait for it.....Landry Fields!!  In hopes of reeling in Steve Nash, the Raptors simultaneously screw over the Knicks! Win, Win?  If the Knicks match Fields offer, they can't trade him nor have enough money to sign Nash, essentially eliminating the Knicks from the Nash sweepstakes.  The Raptors will get a solid, eh, second round, um, glue guy to help forge the Raptors playoff run? All the while offering over 54 million to the Nash and Fields killer combo? Someone alert the Canadian Mounties.

The Pacers re-signed George Hill to a 4 year deal, locking up their second round playoff exit for the next few seasons.

Soon to be 40 year old Grant Hill had himself the 'German Kaiser Knee Special' this summer, and is drawing interest from the Lakers, Knicks, Suns, and Raptors.  His AARP card is set to kick in next season.

More free agency news to come.  Happy spending!

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