Monday, July 2, 2012

Free Agency Frenzy

Today, July 1st teams are allowed to begin negociations with NBA free agents.  Those contracts can be signed starting on July 11th.  With that being said, here is the latest free agency information out of the gates on day 1:

-The Hawks and Nets are discussing a potential Joe Johnson trade

-The Trailblazers have offered Roy Hibbert a max deal of 4 years & 58 million.  The Pacers have 2 weeks to match.

-Houston has offered Omer Asik 3 years and $25 million.  Chicago has 2 weeks to match.

-The Nets agreed to a 4 year $40 million dollar deal with Gerald Wallace.  A major piece needed in keeping Deron Williams. 

-Kevin Garnett has agreed to a 3 year $34 million dollar deal.  David Aldrigde discusses Bostons hopes to re-sign Allen AND Green.  Boston is also interested in signing free agent OJ Mayo.

-Dwight Howard is continuing to destroy his credibility, stating he will only sign an extension with Brooklyn.

-Andre Miller has agreed to re-sign with the Nuggets on a three year deal.

-Blake Griffin agreed to a 5 year $95 million dollar extension.  On the same note, CP3 declined his extention with the Clippers, and will wait until next year to sign. 

-The Raptors are making a huge pitch for Steve Nash, offering 3 years and $36 million, along with a plethora of sponsorship and post-career homeland oppurtunities.

-Sixers locked up rookie big man Lavoy Allen, who logged major playoff minutes gaurding Kevin Garnett this past year.

Stay tuned to Roundball daily for all free agent updates as they unfold.

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