Friday, July 27, 2012

NBA Schedule Released

"Every time the league releases its schedule, an angel gets it's wings"

Last night felt like the NBA releasing an endangered species back into the wild: slowly and at a medium pace.  After last year's lockout and the phony schedule they put out, this year it feels much better KNOWING the games ahead and getting ready for some great match ups.  Plenty of notable games, including a monster lineup on Christmas.  

The top teams getting the most billings on national TV are as follows:

Miami has 10 games on TNT, Lakers have 9.  OKC also has 10 games on TNT.
Miami has 5 games on ABC, Lakers have 6.
Miami has 10 games on ESPN, Lakers have 9.
In contrast, Cleveland has 1 game on ESPN, and Memphis has 7.  Seven!

The Knicks and Celtics have the same numbers of nationally televised games.  Why?

Defending champs Miami will have 31 of 82 games nationally televised.  

Notable Games:

Miami heat will rise their banner on October 30th in front of the Boston Celtics.

Linsanity will return to the Garden on December 17th.

The Nets open their new stadium versus the Knicks on November 1st.

Nash will play in Phoenix, the city where he won two MVP awards, as a visitor on January 30th.

Joe Johnson returns to Atlanta for the first time with the Nets on Jan. 16.

Brandon Roy joined Minnesota this off season, so he'll get his first view of the visiting bench in Portland on Nov. 23.

Jason Terry's return to Dallas would be March 22, when the Celtics make their trip to play the Mavericks.

Less than 100 days until Tip-Off....who knows where this idiot will be playing next season...

Dwight Howard Idiot

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