Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best Photos from the Olympics

Kobe and Gasol Gold Medal Game
"Hey Pau, don't expect to shoot next season either."

Iguodala Funny USA
Iguodala's reaction to being traded while representing his country: Turd Face.

Ginobili Olympics
Friar McFlopper giving praise to the FIBA offensive foul call.

LeBron vs Australia
"Australia has a basketball team?"

LeBron USA Dunk against Spain
LeBron, soaring above a sour faced Spanish neck beard.

Rudy flop versus France
Rudy Fernandez, perfecting the patented Spanish Flop Omelette.

Westbrook USA dunk in London
Westbrook with the Monster Jam on a hapless Argentinian, sporting his country's "wimpy boy" face.

Durant and Chandler USA
Durant asking Chandler " Why were you here again?"

LeBron and Durant USA
"Look, mine says 'Spain Sucks'"

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