Thursday, November 15, 2012

NBA Week 2 News & Notes

Out West:

Two weeks into the season and the circus has officially arrived in La La Land!  After toying with the idea of bringing back the greatest coach of all time, the fans were treated to Mr. Pringles man himself, Mikey D!

Mike D'Antoni looks like the pringles guy

Although he is no Phil, he will certainly upgrade the Lakers offense by teaming him back up with Steve Nash.   The back court should put up plenty of points, but it will take some time before this team has any resemblance of a championship contender.

Mike D'Antoni Dwight Howard
 Hold up! Hold up! Wait wait wait.....defense?
I will literally choke DUHWight the F out !
Down in San Antonio Old Man River Walk and the boys still have the look of a championship team as they have jumped out to a 7-1 start and look to set the pace out west all season long.

Don't look now, but the Memphis Grizzlies are 6-2 and have defeated both conference champions in the last week.  Z Bo and La Tankera are holding down the paint and are leading this defensive unit to a hot start.  Expect Memphis to play tough all season long and be in the hunt for a high end seed come playoff time.

Zach RandolphZach Randolph Memphis

Oh and that other team out in LA, you know, the better one? Lob City?  They're also firing out of the gates and have jumped out to a 6-2 start, defeating the Miami Heat on national TV last night.  The addition of Jamal Crawford has given them a legitimate scorer that has been missing since Chancey Billups went down last year.  With a deeper bench that includes Matt Barnes, Grant Hill, and Lamar Odom, this team plans to establish themselves as the best team in the city.  Will be awesome to watch Lob City all season long.  


Roundball's Top 5 West Teams

San Antonio    7-1
Memphis         6-2
Lob City         6-3
OKC              6-3
Timberwhites   5-3

Out East:

The New York Knickerbockers remain the only unbeaten team in the league, exploding out to a 5-0 start and draining 743 three pointers in one week.  Can the party continue? We'll find out when Amare returns next month.  Currently Carmelo is killing it at the power forward position  much like LeBron, but the dynamic will change drastically when STAT commands the ball and plays ZERO defense.  Should be fun!

Side note: The new 'old' style uniforms are awesome.  They hearken back to the John Starks Patrick Ewing heyday.  Solid.

Iman Shumpert Hair Knicks
Just wait until they get this guy AND his hair back

The Miami Heat have kept pace as the lead dog, showing off their new small ball offense and solid rotation.  Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen will continue to space the floor, but last night against Lob City showed their only true weakness: size.  Gonna have to work Joel Anthony back into that rotation against bigger teams to avoid a few upsets.

The other most important note out East would be the incredible maturation of Andrew Bynum's hair.  He went from the 'just got out of bed' look at his Sixer press conference, to the 'I don't give a F' killer 'fro on the bench, to his most recent James Brown/Katt Williams 'pimpin since been pimpin' look.  Go ahead Drew!  You just better come back balling in December!

Andrew Bynum New Hair
Insert your own caption here.  Just don't light a match near him.

Roundball's Top 5 East Teams

New York       5-0
Miami              6-3
Milwaukee       5-2
Boston             5-3
Brooklyn          4-2

Two Weeks down and the party is just getting started!

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