Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Roundball Ramblings – December 2012

Something may have to change in that Clippers backcourt.  We all know they are for real, but perhaps one piece away from being a LEGIT contender and threat to win the title.  Bledsoe doesn’t get enough minutes and he is referred to as “Mini-LeBron” in many circles.  Billups is older but brings intangibles, leadership and experience.  Crawford just flat out scores at will.  Willie Green is obviously the odd man out but he isn’t the most attractive trade bait.  I’m curious to see how this plays out…

D’Antoni’s stubbornness is alarming.  His system can’t work with that roster, and an almost 40 year-old PG coming off a leg injury isn’t the Messiah everyone thinks he is going to be.  Problem is, the Lakers simply cannot fire two coaches in the same season so unfortunately, Big Boy Pants is going to get traded.  Bank on it.  Pau deserves better than this, by the way.

Any time you find yourself bored at work, google "jail blazer stories" - you won't be disappointed.

Stephen Curry was on that nostalgic kick against the soon-to-be-once-again Hornets.   He pulled a Smitty on Jeff Taylor with the change-of-direction dribble fake AND later busted out the Mark Jackson shimmy after a 3.  I tip my cap Stephen...

The Warriors (those 14-7 Warriors!) are making a case to have two All-Stars this season:  Dell's son and a young James Caan meets Biff Tannen from Hill Valley, aka David Lee to be exact.


Every time Bynum is shown on the Sixers bench, he is either laughing or has the most ridiculous and goofy look on his face.  Sixers fans aren't laughing.  Tone it down.

Bynum Frederick Douglass
The Sixers borrowed Biff's time machine to sign Frederick Douglass to a one year deal.

The Knicks are good.  While I don't think this is a flash in the pan, there will be a drop-off in 3PT% at some point.  I don’t think they can win a championship playing this way.  Just as the Sun and Magic have proven in the last decade, this style offense can get you far, but not far enough.  Granted, they are playing tiiight D, so that does throw an interesting wrinkle into things.  Time will tell...

I am really excited to see what ATL does this off-season.  They are clearing cap space like a mug, have some great young (but veteran) talent, and NBA players love the city/love living there.

Jeremy Lin has a real shot to get voted in as an All-Star Game Starter.  This is not good.  This is a time where Stern actually needs to intervene.

Westbrook stuffed a Hibbert shot the other night that sent Roy crumbling to the floor.  Yep, that's the only guy on my fantasy team who was an All-Star last year, sent to the hardwood by a PG.

Went to a few Wizards games recently (saw both of their first two wins) and it should be noted that Chipotle burritos get thrown into the crowd regularly.  Ummmm… that is AWESOME.

If Andre Drummond keeps progressing (and it seems like he is going to), in two years, the Pistons will have the best big man duo for years to come as that would slide "The New Quiet Storm" Greg Monroe (credit: D-Scott) to the 4.  They also have an improving Brandon Knight and Kyle Singler, who evidently is The Missing Link.  In a couple years, watch out Eastern Conference…

Very excited to see the T-Wolves play as imagined once everyone is healthy and they have played together for a stretch.  Don’t know how long this’ll last with Love’s latest comments, though.

How does Mike Miller run when he walks like a 65 year old man?

I’m glad Amir Johnson apologized for his lunatic behavior, but he tried justifying it by saying how he always rubs the ball after free throws so he should have been allowed to do it again.  That “right” isn’t something you earn.  How about go earn that absurd contract which you have not done.

Amir Ref Fight
"You want the ball? Try getting a rebound!"

Rick Adelman is one of the best coaches ever, and does not get even close to his fair share of fanfare.  Check his resume'.  Just because he looks like Hitler doesn't mean he IS Hitler.

Rick Adolfman
Players were surprised when coach handed them the Mein Kampf playbook

I’m thirsty.  I need some Kamla Juice…

Kamla Juice
Drink it in.

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