Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spurs Roster Breakdown

After having watched the Spurs in person last week, it is amazing when you stop and think about the way they play.  They are incredibly fun to watch.  Granted it was against a Wizards team that looked lost most of the night, but they are a team that takes advantage of every opportunity. The Spurs move the ball better than any team in the league because every player on their roster is a great passer.  It becomes so appealing to watch and  should be appreciated by basketball purists worldwide.

Parker is still really quick, cuts all the time, and is always moving.  He can get to the basket WHENEVER he wants.

Ginobili is so creative and just fascinating to see in person.  He does things you don't expect and just moves in a certain way that looks very threatening to defenses and is still very athletic.  I don't know if you saw the highlights of the game against the Wizards, but he stole the ball and did this absurd fake-out move at the basket.  You have to see it.  The video doesn't do it justice, but the whole arena went wild when he did it.

Manu Ginobili Cowboy
Come at me, bro.

Whenever Duncan got the ball, everything on defense just stopped and no one knew what to do.  He doesn't look like he is trying hard at all, but he can still do so much.  I was amazed.  They run this play where Ginobili flares to the wing, passes to Duncan who is at the high-post/elbow and he stands there pretending to think about shooting the long J (the whole defense just watches him).  Meanwhile, Ginobili just did a wraparound cut thru the lane back out to the corner basically where he just came from and is wide-open for the jumper.  So simple, and gorgeous to watch.  I feel like a nerd, but I couldn't stop thinking about that play.

They have this guy DeColo on the bench who got some time last night.  I hadn't heard of him before last night, but watching him play, right away I thought he was the next Manu.  I just googled him and all everyone says is he is Mini-Manu.  BTW - "Mini-Manu" is kinda hard to type.

Tiago Splitter is really tall in person.  He played well last night and played hard.  He is starting to really come into his own.  He likes to mix it up with some 'bos, too.  As the BG behind me exclaimed at one point "Yoooo - Splitter dirrrty!"

On the flip side, DeJuan Blair is much smaller in person.  I've read that about him, but it shocks you a bit that he is whatever his height actually is.  He plays hard as well.

Diaw still has some moves in his bag of tricks.  He is surprisingly nimble despite his dougheyness.

The Red Rocket Matt Bonner was being eyeballed by me during warm-ups, and he just doesn't miss shots.  His shot looks like a mechanical process.  He got a lot of time last night as well and just kept hitting shots.  The crowd would go crazy for him.  He may be the best shooter in the league.

I haven't even talked about Gary Neal, Patty Mills, Danny Green - AND both Kawhi Leonard AND Stephen Jackson are injured.  That's quite a roster.  I never really liked watching San Antonio play on TV, but I am going to catch them whenever I can from now on.  I suggest you do the same.  The Lakers cannot beat them in a 7 game series.  The Clippers probably can't.  The Grizzlies and Thunder are legit and pose problems, but I think people are sleeping on the Spurs again.  Should be fun...

(Roster Breakdown is a continuing series Roundball will be bringing the readers of any teams we see live this season.  A true analysis and evaluation of talent can ONLY be made live, and nothing but the best will be brought to our reading audience.)

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