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Monday, February 25, 2013

Dead at the Dealine

Due to the new collective bargaining agreement, this year saw more teams play it cautious at the trade deadline then ever before.  Scared of hitting the luxury tax threshold, most contending teams stood pat and will be heading into the playoffs without any marquee additions.  Below is a list of the Top 20 free agents this summer. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trade Deadline News & Notes

The NBA was back in session last night at teams took to the floor for the first time since the All-Star break.  With the trade deadline approaching on Thursday, there is a huge buzz around the league as everyone tries to figure out which big names are moving where.  The big piece on the block this year is Josh Smith.  His movement could have massive implications to both conferences and will certainly effect the rest of the trade market.  Scenarios have him ending up in San Antonio or Brooklyn, but without much in return as Smiths' contract expires at the end of the season.  Only time will tell, but consider his departure from Atlanta near imminent.

Josh Smith deal
Where will J Smooth be calling home this time next week?

Other big name players who have been in heavy trade buzz include Eric Bledsoe, Paul Millsap, JJ Redick, DeJuan Blair, Monta Ellis, and Marcin Gortat.  Then you have teams like the Knicks, Raptors, Sixers, Bucks, Suns, Timeberwhites, Clippers and Celtics who all seemed poised to make a deal and alter their lineup.

Whichever teams can pull off the best deals should give them an added boost come playoff time, as history shows that many championship teams added a missing piece to their squad at the deadline and it was enough to get them over the top.  Will your favorite team be pulling the trigger by Thursday?

Pierce trade Garnett trade
Will this be the final run for Pierce and Garnett?

Kobe and Dwight all star fighting
How much longer will The Mamba have to put up with DUHWight?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Roundball Manor visits College Hoops

The “Sleeper” Forecast Begins: Pittsburgh vs. Marquette

In an NCAA Division 1 basketball season underscored by turbulent Top 25 rankings, where many preseason heavyweights were shed from the Associated Press’ radar prior to conference play (see: Baylor, UCLA), and when the month of January alone reports a total of over 30 losses among top-10-ranked schools, the pet talking point of analysts everywhere is the mystery of who will thrive in the NCAA Tournament? Without any singularly dominant team like 2012 champions, Kentucky, the results of high profile matchups seem to consistently favor team chemistry and determination over raw talent and individual playmaking (see: Missouri)…

While I don’t necessarily expect any young, prolific, “Shaka Smart” to pep-talk an unknown mid-major through the RPI gauntlet into the Final Four and the hearts of Americans everywhere in the 2013 tournament, I’d wager that overall “toughness” will be the prevalent common factor among the four teams that roll to the finals… Quite arguably two of the toughest teams in the country, Pittsburgh (#16) and Marquette (#18), crossed in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon for a pivotal Big East contest.  Conference standing and tournament seeding implications aside, any March Madness champion of the underdog or bracket-buster gambler that hasn’t scoped at least one of these teams as a “Sweet 16” prospect needs to tune in immediately.

Although neither squad has breached top-10 status at any point this year, nor are they evoked in ‘championship contender’ dialogs among experts, Pitt and Marquette meet again after each has cemented a national presence through impressive win streaks that consistently boast 8-10 different players on the scoring sheet.  In the end, Marquette defeated the Panthers for the second time this season, 79-69, to extend their home record to 14-0.  Pittsburgh, who entered the game with the nation’s 5th-best points-against average, allowed more than 75 points for the first time in 49 games.  Their reputed defense, built in part by rebounding and preventing second-chance scoring opportunities, was nullified by the Golden Eagles’ uncannily efficient shooting that racked 42 points in the first half, largely on first attempts.

Marquette Buzz Williams kicking
Marquette coach Buzz Williams
 working his Rockettes routine for the crowd.
While’s Marquette’s vigilant defense and capacity for offensive windfalls could make them a menacing 4 or 5 seed for unfamiliar teams (think Butler in 2010), Pittsburgh is an equally interesting team to watch come March.  Pitt’s overall 20-6 record includes early season victories against mid-major tourney-regulars Oakland, Detroit and Lehigh (who knocked off #2 seed Duke in the first round of the 2012 tourney), as well as impressive road wins against Cincinnati and Georgetown.  5 of Pitt’s 6 losses have come to ranked teams, including near-misses away from home against former #1 squads, Michigan and Louisville; the 10-point loss to Marquette was the first time the Panthers were defeated in double digits this season.

Pitt Jamie Dixon yelling
Jamie Dixon mean muggin' in the steel city!
Upon their second bout with Marquette, the Panthers also sat atop the nation in assist-to-turnover ratio and rank 6th in overall assists, winning 7 of their last 8 games, including a decisive home victory over championship favorite Syracuse…  Until then, Pitt had been overshadowed by a disappointing 2011-2012 effort that fell victim to an injury to starting point guard, Tray Woodall.  Let’s not forget that two years ago Pitt entered the NCAA Tournament as a #1 seed, and pillars of their current 10-man rotation- Tray Woodall, Dante Taylor, JJ Moore, Talib Zanna and Lamar Patterson- all clocked regular playing time on the 2010-2011 tournament team…  After the loss, ‘900 Club’ Syracuse coach, Jim Boeheim, may have quoted a harbinger of Pittsburgh’s potential when he remarked, “This is by far the best team we’ve played this year.” …Get your brackets ready!

NBA All-Star Weekend Recap

News & Notes from NBA All-Star Weekend 2013 Houston, Texas

All-Star weekend came in like a lamb and went out like a lion as the East and West squads put on quite a show Sunday night.  The stars rose to the occasion and left the crowd in awe, as MVP Chris Paul led the charge with 20 points,15 dimes and the West to a victory.  There were plenty of highlight dunks and alley-oops, but down the stretch in the fourth quarter Kobe stifled LeBron with some killer defense and the East weren't able to outpace Paul, Harden, Kobe, and Durant.

2013 NBA All Star Game
"Hey Kobe, remember when the Lakers were good?"

D. Wade piggybacking the Blake express

Westbrook Harden three pointer
Westbrook and Harden performing their Temptations routine

Chandler all star game laughing
Tyson Chandler getting in some 'trainer tickle time' before the big game

All star game warmup jackets
5-Star Generals sporting their credentials

CP3 All Star MVP
Born to assist other, his brother Cliff would be proud

The same couldn't be said for the over hyped underwhelming dunk contest on Saturday night.  When it takes a player 15 tries to do a "trick" dunk, it loses ALL HYPE AND STEAM.  Kenny Smith said it best during the broadcast, that the lights and big stage were getting the best of the dunkers.  He also said that this would be a Top 10 all time dunk contest, so take that for what its worth.  There were a few awesome dunks, but way more duds that left fans wanting to see more.  How bout some actual dunking?  The old rules had players doing up to 9 dunks over three rounds, now each player has two dunks before elimination.  Let these boys THROW IT DOWN MORE.  Hopefully next year, some bigger names players will join the party and give the fans something to get excited about.

Jeremy Evans dunk contest
Mark Eaton assuming his normal position:  Getting tea-bagged by dunkers

Terrence Ross dunk contest vince carter jersey
T. Ross paying homage to Vince Carter 

Kyrie Irving had a coming out party as well, lighting up the Rising Stars challenge AND winning the Three Point Contest.  Uncle Drew put on a clinic Friday night against Brandon Knight, and is sure making a name for himself within the NBA community.

Kyrie followed up that performance shooting the lights out on Saturday night, beating out sharpshooters Steve Novak and The Red Mamba, Matt Bonner.

Uncle Drew I Get Buckets
Uncle Drew- Getting Buckets.

Matt Bonner mustache
Red Mamba paying homage to the 70's porn 'stache

Gregg Popovich face
Coach Pop with his typical "asshole face" during pre-game intros

Yao and Hakeem all star game
The guy on the left is seven feet tall.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Tonight's doubleheader of Heat v Thunder and Clippers v Lakers are the defining match ups of the first half of the 2012-2013 NBA season.

In our first match up, we have a rematch of last year's Finals.  LeBron is heading into tonight's game playing the best basketball of his career.  Absolutely unstoppable.  Kevin Durant is heading into tonight's game after receiving the first flagrant foul of his career.  MEAN STREAK.  This will be the first time the Heat return to Oklahoma City since they won Game 2 of the Finals there.  KD and Westbrook are one year removed from that series, one year older, one year wiser, and one year more experienced.  They are in first place of the Northwest division with a monster 39-13 record.  Does OKC have what it takes to cool off LBJ and the Heat?  The last time these two squads locked up was on Christmas Day in Miami, where the Heat won 103-97 behind LeBron's monster stat line of 29-9-8.

These two teams appear destined for a Finals rematch.  It will be important to gauge how the players respond tonight, the last game before all-star weekend.  This is a huge statement game, so expect a huge 4th quarter and a barrage of points from LeBron and KD.

Russell Westbrook shoots to much
Westbrook laying the groundwork to build Brick City.

Out west in La La Land, it appears a monstrous power shift has begun to take place.  The Lakers have continued to struggle, playing below average basketball all season long while Lob City has quickly ascended to the throne of 'Best team in Los Angeles'.  This changing of the guard has altered the landscape of the Western Conference and is sure to make for one hell of a battle tonight.  Lob City will look to continue their red hot streak after beating the Knicks, Sixers, and Rockets this week.

Tonight will also be a huge test for DUHwight Howard.  With Gasol out, Howard needs to step up and play solid defense against Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan and show Laker Land that their season can still be resurrected.  Expect Lob City to put on a hell of a show in front of Laker fans and hold on to their throne going into all star break.

Dwight Howard smiling
Stop smiling.  Start playing defense. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2 More Blake Griffin Kia Commerials

For your enjoyment:

Blake Griffin new kia commercial

Perhaps his best one to date?

Oh and he did this last night:

You're welcome.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Roundball Revived!

After a two month hiatus preparing for the end of the days, word reaches Roundball Manor in our underground bunker that the world did not end, it was just the Lakers season imploding!  It seems Kobe and company have been struggling all season long to get DUHWight on board and his head out of his ass.  With his new role as facilitator, Mamba has re-invented his game to help this geriatric group make a playoff run.

Kobe dunk over Dwight
Mamba in happier times tea bagging the shit out of DUHWight

Dwight Howard glasses
Still looking for a reason to hate this guy?

Dwight Howard free throws

Steve Nash Lakers
Yo this is bullshit !

As for the rest of  La La Land, they all seem to be on board that Lob City is the main attraction these days.  The off-season moves adding Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, and Grant Hill have brought a veteran presence to an already talented lineup that is poised to make a deep playoff run this season.  As soon as they get CP3 and Chauncey back from injury, expect the Clips to move up the standings and solidify themselves in the playoff pack.

Blake Griffin dunk
Lob City go BOOM.

Chris and Cliff Paul
Born to assist others, Chris and Cliff Paul are making Los Angeles a safer place for basketball fans.

Down in the dirty south, is became official that the Hornets will become the Pelicans next season.  No word yet whether or not BP will be sponsoring the "Oil Covered Pelican Bobble Beak Night".  Too soon?

Look at the Pelicans, Manny.

Up in beautiful Milwaukee, coach Scotty Skiles and the team have agreed to part ways after another sub .500 start to the season.  Who else do you blame when another small market team fails to live up to above average expectations?  Monta Ellis!

Jim Boylan
"Who's the hell is the new coach for the Bucks?"
Mike Dunleavy Bucks

Over in Oklahoma City, KD and company have charged out to a commanding lead in the Northwest Division by routinely whooping their opponents.  The Thunder continue to roll along with Harden out and Martin in.  Expect another trip to The Finals for this squad, unless Russell Westbrook's fashion line gets in the way. 

Project Runway called this piece:  'Gladiator meets Boy Band'

Thunder portrait
OKC reporting for Larry O'Brien trophy duty.

Down in Miami, the Heat are still running the show in South Beach.  LeBron James continues to get better and looks to be in line for his fourth MVP trophy.  This photo here sums up their entire season thus far:

LeBron Lakers dunk

Other News & Notes

The Sixers are still awaiting the return of Andrew Bynum and his hair.  Hoping the oft-injured big man can bring some toughness to the team, coach Doug Collins has begun to lose patience with his players AND the referees. 

Doug Collins Sixers
"I will literally stick my entire fist up your ass"

Up in Portland, Damian Lillard seems to have taken the keys to the team and is running away with Rookie of the Year honors.  Meanwhile, LaMarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews continue to play grab ass all over the same court.  

A finger up your ass is never a good way to start a fast break

Stay tuned for DAILY updates the rest of the season!!