Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Roundball Revived!

After a two month hiatus preparing for the end of the days, word reaches Roundball Manor in our underground bunker that the world did not end, it was just the Lakers season imploding!  It seems Kobe and company have been struggling all season long to get DUHWight on board and his head out of his ass.  With his new role as facilitator, Mamba has re-invented his game to help this geriatric group make a playoff run.

Kobe dunk over Dwight
Mamba in happier times tea bagging the shit out of DUHWight

Dwight Howard glasses
Still looking for a reason to hate this guy?

Dwight Howard free throws

Steve Nash Lakers
Yo this is bullshit !

As for the rest of  La La Land, they all seem to be on board that Lob City is the main attraction these days.  The off-season moves adding Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, and Grant Hill have brought a veteran presence to an already talented lineup that is poised to make a deep playoff run this season.  As soon as they get CP3 and Chauncey back from injury, expect the Clips to move up the standings and solidify themselves in the playoff pack.

Blake Griffin dunk
Lob City go BOOM.

Chris and Cliff Paul
Born to assist others, Chris and Cliff Paul are making Los Angeles a safer place for basketball fans.

Down in the dirty south, is became official that the Hornets will become the Pelicans next season.  No word yet whether or not BP will be sponsoring the "Oil Covered Pelican Bobble Beak Night".  Too soon?

Look at the Pelicans, Manny.

Up in beautiful Milwaukee, coach Scotty Skiles and the team have agreed to part ways after another sub .500 start to the season.  Who else do you blame when another small market team fails to live up to above average expectations?  Monta Ellis!

Jim Boylan
"Who's the hell is the new coach for the Bucks?"
Mike Dunleavy Bucks

Over in Oklahoma City, KD and company have charged out to a commanding lead in the Northwest Division by routinely whooping their opponents.  The Thunder continue to roll along with Harden out and Martin in.  Expect another trip to The Finals for this squad, unless Russell Westbrook's fashion line gets in the way. 

Project Runway called this piece:  'Gladiator meets Boy Band'

Thunder portrait
OKC reporting for Larry O'Brien trophy duty.

Down in Miami, the Heat are still running the show in South Beach.  LeBron James continues to get better and looks to be in line for his fourth MVP trophy.  This photo here sums up their entire season thus far:

LeBron Lakers dunk

Other News & Notes

The Sixers are still awaiting the return of Andrew Bynum and his hair.  Hoping the oft-injured big man can bring some toughness to the team, coach Doug Collins has begun to lose patience with his players AND the referees. 

Doug Collins Sixers
"I will literally stick my entire fist up your ass"

Up in Portland, Damian Lillard seems to have taken the keys to the team and is running away with Rookie of the Year honors.  Meanwhile, LaMarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews continue to play grab ass all over the same court.  

A finger up your ass is never a good way to start a fast break

Stay tuned for DAILY updates the rest of the season!!

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