Monday, February 18, 2013

NBA All-Star Weekend Recap

News & Notes from NBA All-Star Weekend 2013 Houston, Texas

All-Star weekend came in like a lamb and went out like a lion as the East and West squads put on quite a show Sunday night.  The stars rose to the occasion and left the crowd in awe, as MVP Chris Paul led the charge with 20 points,15 dimes and the West to a victory.  There were plenty of highlight dunks and alley-oops, but down the stretch in the fourth quarter Kobe stifled LeBron with some killer defense and the East weren't able to outpace Paul, Harden, Kobe, and Durant.

2013 NBA All Star Game
"Hey Kobe, remember when the Lakers were good?"

D. Wade piggybacking the Blake express

Westbrook Harden three pointer
Westbrook and Harden performing their Temptations routine

Chandler all star game laughing
Tyson Chandler getting in some 'trainer tickle time' before the big game

All star game warmup jackets
5-Star Generals sporting their credentials

CP3 All Star MVP
Born to assist other, his brother Cliff would be proud

The same couldn't be said for the over hyped underwhelming dunk contest on Saturday night.  When it takes a player 15 tries to do a "trick" dunk, it loses ALL HYPE AND STEAM.  Kenny Smith said it best during the broadcast, that the lights and big stage were getting the best of the dunkers.  He also said that this would be a Top 10 all time dunk contest, so take that for what its worth.  There were a few awesome dunks, but way more duds that left fans wanting to see more.  How bout some actual dunking?  The old rules had players doing up to 9 dunks over three rounds, now each player has two dunks before elimination.  Let these boys THROW IT DOWN MORE.  Hopefully next year, some bigger names players will join the party and give the fans something to get excited about.

Jeremy Evans dunk contest
Mark Eaton assuming his normal position:  Getting tea-bagged by dunkers

Terrence Ross dunk contest vince carter jersey
T. Ross paying homage to Vince Carter 

Kyrie Irving had a coming out party as well, lighting up the Rising Stars challenge AND winning the Three Point Contest.  Uncle Drew put on a clinic Friday night against Brandon Knight, and is sure making a name for himself within the NBA community.

Kyrie followed up that performance shooting the lights out on Saturday night, beating out sharpshooters Steve Novak and The Red Mamba, Matt Bonner.

Uncle Drew I Get Buckets
Uncle Drew- Getting Buckets.

Matt Bonner mustache
Red Mamba paying homage to the 70's porn 'stache

Gregg Popovich face
Coach Pop with his typical "asshole face" during pre-game intros

Yao and Hakeem all star game
The guy on the left is seven feet tall.

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