Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Point Thursday

1- There will be NO STREAKING in Chicago.

Through the gymnasium and into the quad? No.  The Heat's 27 game win streak is over courtesy of the Chicago Bulls who were able to frustrate the Heat all night with their combination of defense, rebounding, and tackle football.

Kirk Hinrich foul on LeBron
"LeBron.  Hold me."

Kudos to the Heat for their incredible 27 game win streak, the second largest win streak in professional sports history.  March can be the dog days of pro basketball and the Heat were able to keep the NBA in the headlines by winning EVERY GAME since Super Bowl Sunday!  It's a great feat for the Heat, the NBA, and the sport of Roundball.  

2-REGGIE EVANS!   Reggie Evans?  I know, right?

The Bearded Basher dropped a 20/20 BOMB on the Blazers last night, dominating down low with 26 boards and 22 points.  Evans has been averaging almost 15 rebounds a game this past month while playing starter minutes and giving the Nets more toughness and grit in the paint.

Roundball would like to credit much of Deron Williams' resurgence this month to the hard-hat mentality of Reggie Evans.  His hard work on defense and rebounding the outlet pass has allowed D. Will to get out in open space and create more opportunities.  Now playing much better, Brooklyn looks to grab home court advantage with a 4 seed and make some noise in the playoffs with this tough squad.

Reggie Evans rebound
The Bearded Basher: Keeping the paint clean in Brooklyn since 2012.

3- Spurs Stay Sharp.  

In a loaded Western Conference the 54-17 Spurs STILL have the NBA's best record.  Despite a 27 game win streak and the Thunder chasing them all season, San Antonio continues to win.  Tony Parker is back.  They have won 5 our of their last 6 games, and they just beat a red hot Denver Nuggets team behind Tim Duncan's 23 points, 14 rebounds, and 5 blocks.  Expect the Spurs to return back to the Western Conference Finals where they belong.

Manu yelling
Waffle Friiiieeeeess!!!!!!!!!!!!

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