Thursday, April 4, 2013

Three Point Thursday

1.  The New York Knickerbockers

Carmelo Anthony has been dripping and dropping buckets this week, going off for 50 and 40 in back to back outings..  Now a half game up on the +Indiana Pacers for the second seed, the +New York Knicks look to ride their 10 game win streak all the way into the playoffs.  Continuing their solid play with the return of Tyson Chandler, the Knicks have benefited from the solid veteran play of Kenyon Martin and Jason Kidd.  Holding down that #2 spot sets them up for a nice Eastern Conference match-up with the Miami Heat.  Only three weeks left in the regular season and the Knicks are playing as good as anybody when 'Melo shoots the lights out.

Melo scoring 50, melo scoring 40, Carmelo Anthony
'Melo how many games have you won in a row?  "Dis many."

2. Lob City

After playing .500 ball for the last month, the +Los Angeles Clippers find themselves find themselves fighting for the 3-4-5 seed out West.  If they want to make a deep run in the playoffs they are going to need more monster games out of DeAndre Jordan down low.  Last night the big man put up 20 & 12 against the Suns.  The playoffs are going to see teams slowed down to a half court game and the Clips are going to need to establish themselves in the paint with Griffin and Jordan.  They also need them to be rebounding and blocking shots on the defensive side of the ball, controlling the boards and getting it out to CP3 so he can operate at his best.  The 3-4-5 seeds will  have huge implications for home court advantage in the first and second rounds, so Lob City needs to play better these last two weeks if they want to make some noise this post-season.

DeAndre Jordan foul
Paint Presence = Playoff Wins.

3. Seattle vs. Sacramento- Battle for Last Place

The NBA has now stepped in and will be reviewing both proposals from the Seattle and Sacramento ownership groups regarding the immediate future of the franchise.  Kudos to Mayor Kevin Johnson for fighting to keep the team in town, getting a local group together to make an offer as well as plans to build a new stadium.  The only problem is the Maloofs already signed a deal with the Seattle group.  After the NBA reviews it will be voted on by the owners, but we can't see the NBA overruling the current SIGNED deal and move to Seattle.  So unless the NBA is willing to offer a new expansion team, it looks like Roundball will be returning to The Emerald City in he near future.

Supersonics montage, supersonics all-time greats

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