Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Golden State of Mind

Game one wasn't a fluke.  The Golden State Warriors are as deadly a team as anyone in the playoffs.  They proved it again last night keeping as the Spalash Brothers once again shot the lights out in San Antonio.  Not only are the top seeded Spurs in trouble, but the rest of the league should be very afraid.  This team is for real.  Could you imagine if David Lee was healthy?

The Warriors looked poised to take advatage of this series at home this weekend.  The Spurs look slow on defense and are having matchup nightmares against Thompson and Curry.  Andrew Bogut is providing terrific paint presence on both sides of the ball.  Could you imagine if David Lee was healthy??

Mark Jackson called it "One of the best first halves of basketball ever....I said I have the greatest backcourt to ever play the game.  Call my bluff."  Could you imagine if David Lee was healthy???

Klay Thompson splash brothers
The Boys II Men Bench Club celebrating another Klay Trey Bomb

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