Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gasol and Randolph Powering the Grizzlies through the Playoffs

Watching Gasol and Randolph play together is fascinating.  They are polar opposites in terms of style of play, but work better than any other big man duo in the league.  Their combo skill set sets the tone and fits perfectly within the team structure so well.  Gasol has a great low and high post game, that looping hook, and can D people up as evidenced by his DPOY trophy.  When he gets the ball at the top of the key, basically acting as PG, he can pass so well it is perlexing.  He's one of the best passing big men in the league.  He'll get it to Z-Bo in the perfect spot in motion as he flashes up the paint.  Randolph has amazing footwork (such an underrated skill) where one perfectly placed step can make all the difference in the world.  He also has that uncanny ability to get perfect positioning, seal people off, absorb the contact while creating space, and finish without having any hops.  They work harder than any other set of big men, play off of each other better than any other set of big men, can score as well as any other set of big men, can D up better than any other set of big men, and last but not least they can team up and play heart and soul on the piano better then any other duo.  They are the Batman and Robin of big men. 

They have essentially shut down Ibaka and Perkins the first two games, should be up two games to zero, and are heading back to Memphis where they have the best home record in the league.  A well deserved Western Conference Final appearance is on the horizon for this blue collar bunch.

Randolph and Gasol
Grab your lunch pails, its time to go to work

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