Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photos of the Week - First Round Edition

Kirk Hinrich nerd
Remember that kid in school who wasn't
allowed to play sports 'cause he was allergic to everything? 

Dwight Howard Spurs
That's probably a foul.

Marc Gasol playoffs Clippers
There is a Spanish grizzly bear in Memphis,
 and he is trying to murder Blake Griffin.

Marc Gasol against Blake Griffin

Marc Gasol yelling

Stepbrothers: "If we clean out the locker room
we'll have more space for activities!"

Clippers Grizzlies
Playoff Stinkface.

Teen Wolf Michael J. Fox taking charge after a hairy loss at home.

JR Smith sneakers
Earl Smith, preparing himself to lay some pipe.

JR Smith you trying to get the pipe
Google it.

Spike Lee Knicks outfit
You can either act like an asshole or dress like one.  Not both.

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