Friday, May 17, 2013

Photos of the Week - Second Round Edition

Tony Allen wins in Oklahoma City
Tony Allen mean mugging his way to the Conference Finals

Chris Copeland looks like Brittany Griner
Brittany Griner played some key minutes in Game 5

Tim Duncan battles Andrew Bogut
Bogut tryin to club Duncan like a baby seal

Ginobili Jack matchup
Ginobili employing the ol' "Booga Booga" routine to force a turnover

Tim Duncan grey jerseys
Duncan playing a little pin the tail on The Aussie

Ginobili yelling
The Argentinian doing his best Home Alone impression

LeBron fourth mvp
Four Time MVP.  Straight CHEESIN'

Coach Pop Danny Green
If you miss another shot I WILL FUCKING CUT YOU.

Ginobili arguing with referee
"Git tha FUCK OUT !"

Kevin Durant playoffs
Summing up the Thunder's season in one picture.

Parker v Curry
Napolen Dynamite watching Curry and Parker battle for the ball

Spurs bench, McGrady Duncan and Ginobili
This picture is worth way more than a thousand words.

"Why you no like a da sauce? Va Funculo!"

The Spurs bench, happy to be headed to The Land of Misfit Toys.

Lil Wayne warriors game
Looking for a spark in the 4th, the Warriors called on Lil Wayne.

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