Friday, May 24, 2013

Roundball Photos of the Week

Hibbert block on Carmelo

A King on a Mission.  HEAT REPEAT.

Michael Jordan Charlotte Hornets
The Teal and Purple are back.  MJ is STRAIGHT CHEESIN'

A little Aussie Stinkface to get the party started.

Tiago Splitter looks like Napolean Dynamite
Napolean Dynamite with another no look pass.

"Come on ref I really gotta go! I just peed a little."

Dunking on Boris Diaw
This Frenchmen enjoys wine, cheese, baguettes and Stinkface.

Ray Allen arguing with ref
Ray Allen distracting the ref as he casually wipes a booger on his shirt.

Rasheed Wallace fat suit
Sheed feeding Amare a Hot Pocket during a timeout.

Gary Neal looks up to see his fate: Atomic Stinkface.

Tony Allen gif
And the Academy Award goes to...

Manu Ginobili flop

Friar McFlopper Approves.

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