Monday, June 10, 2013

Are the Heat Better without Dwyane Wade?

There is no question that D Wade is hurt.  Historically his game relies on his explosiveness, attacking the rim, and his ability to run in the fast break. If he is less than 75% health wise he is not able to do these things and therefore he can not be effective in The Finals.

The Miami Heat rely on spreading the floor, penetrating and hitting open threes.  Wade has pretty much eliminated the three point shot from his game and if he can not get in the paint effectively then he is a detriment to his team.  Last night the lineup of Chalmers, Allen, Miller, James, and Bosh went on a monster 35-9 run due in large part to Miller and Allen knocking down big shots.  They also benefitted from Mario Chalmers going right at Tony Parker using a very effective pick and roll with LeBron James.

LeBron and Dwyane play very similar roles as facilitators for the team.  They get to the basket and get their teammates involved.  With Bosh down low and three shooters around the three point line, the Heat's offense is most effective with one facilitator on the floor, not two.  The offense also benefits from having a point guard out on the floor.  Down the stretch in game one with Allen, Wade, and James on the floor, there was no true point gaurd and their offense became stagnant.  This was not the case in game two as Chalmers found his rhythm early and ran the point with efficiency and effectiveness last night.  With the LeBron playing the four, that pick and roll with Chalmers became a nightmare for the Spurs to guard as they could not stop LeBron down low, Chalmers at the top, or Allen and Miller from deep.  

During that incredible third quarter run, Dwyane Wade was in the locker room havin his knee cap realigned.  Mike Wilbon spoke about it after the game saying it is an injury that will have to be addressed in the off-season with surgery.  He is clearly not the same person.  It is not a knock on his game or his style of play, but he is injured.  Without his knees he is not the same person.  He will still go out and leave his blood, sweat, and tears on the floor, but down the stretch in clutch time Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen will be playing.  They proved their worth last night and will continue to play the majority of the gaurd minutes.  Heres hoping that Dwyane recovers 100%, but until then the Heat have the bench and the shooters to replace his production in a more effective way.

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