Wednesday, June 19, 2013

GAME 6 - The LeBron James Takeover

By: Patrick Wilson

How much more can one man do?  With his 4th Finals triple double, LeBron James single handedly willed the Miami Heat to victory last night in a Game 6 for the ages.  32 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assists later, LeBron singlehandedly willed the Miami Heat to victory setting up a historic Game 7 on Thursday.

The next 48 hours will be filled with millions of questions regarding a headband.  Did Clark Kent take off his glasses?  Is Nike already working on a headband free marketing campaign?  Can LBJ muster up one more magical performance and cement himself among the all-time greats?

All of the momentum favors Miami at this point.  Being down 3-2, they are now poised to win the championship on their home court in Game 7.  After a masterful game by Tim Duncan, it appears the Spurs ran out of gas down the stretch and allowed Miami back in the game when they had no answer for LeBron.  The Heat went small again, and with the lineup of Chalmers, Allen, Miller, James, and Bosh they were able to go on a run in the 4th quarter by surrounding James with several shooters.  This is the second time that Dwyane Wade spent significant time on the bench in the 4th while Miami mounted a comeback.  It is a lineup that Miami is sure to use again down the stretch in Game 7.

James played with great force in the fourth quarter.  After settling for jumpers early in the game, he went back to his strength by continually attacking the rim.  There were several non-calls but LeBron was persistent and kept coming at the Spurs relentlessly.  He finally broke through after some heavy contact that left his famous headband on the ground.  That's where it stayed.  A new look James imposed his will on the Spurs with five consecutive baskets, an amazing block on Duncan, and a presence that dominated the both sides of the ball when it mattered the most.

Miami also benefited from a beautiful shot at the end of regulation by Jesus Shuttlesworth.  If he misses everyone would be discussing the San Antonio Spurs dynasty and their 5th championship.  But they're not.  The greatest three point shooter in the history of the game proved his worth once again.  He was quiet most of the game but made the big shot when it counted the most.  Miami is going to need him to come up with more plays like that in Game 7 for them to win.

Ray Allen Finals buzzer beater, Ray Allen Finals shot, Ray Allen Finals Game 6 shot
The shot heard around the NBA world.

Miami has swung momentum in their favor and now have everything they could possibly wanted in this series; Game 7 at home and one game to determine the NBA World Champion.  If LeBron James continues to play forceful basketball and attacks the Spurs the entire game, the Heat will have a great chance capture the elusive back to back titles.  LeBron will also have the chance to solidify his legacy with one of the greatest Finals performances this game has ever seen.

"Leave the headband, take the cannoli."

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