Friday, June 21, 2013


Heat back to back champs, Heat repeat

By: Patrick Wilson

This was an NBA Finals for the ages.  It was an epic battle of skill and will that will go down in the history books as one of the greatest ever.  In the biggest moments the best players step up, and LeBron James once again proved he is the greatest player on the planet rising to the occasion and winning his second NBA championship in style as the Miami Heat win back to back titles in a legendary 7 game series. 

After a hard faught battle that saw neither team win back to back games, the Heat were able to come back to Miami down three games to two and win back to back games on their home court.  LeBron James answered his critics once again as he went 5-10 from deep and making San Antonio pay for leaving him open.  That is what great players do; they constantly adapt their game by taking what the defense gives them.  He also shut down the Spurs best player in Tony Parker the last two games.  Thats what great players do; they switch to guard the opposing team's biggest threat.  Without a fast break and transition game, the Spurs were left struggling to find good shots down the stretch and gave Miami the boost they needed to close out game 7.

Their offense also got a much needed boost from Shane Battier who hit 6 clutch three-pointers.  When the Miami offense is firing on all cylinders, and their three point shooters are knocking down shots, they are impossible to beat.  Last year Mike Miller closed out the series with 7 threes, and this year Battier filled that role.  Dwyane Wade also re-established his greatness with 23 points and 10 rebounds on 11 of 21 shooting.  He now has three rings and is in the conversation of all-time great two guards.  But the man of the night was LeBron with a monster stat line of 37 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, and air-tight defense all night.

James was drafted 10 years ago this week.  In those ten years he has continually elevated his game to new heights.  With his play last night, he is now in an elite category with some very impressive numbers and players:
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the only three people in NBA history with 4 regular season MVPs, 2 rings, and 2 Finals MVPs
  • Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James are the only three people in NBA history to win regular season MVPs and win the championship in back to back seasons.  Russell did it is '61 & '62, Jordan did it in '91 & '92, and James did it in '12 & '13.
  • Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the only two people in NBA history to win an Olympic Gold Medal and follow it up with an NBA championship the same year.

When people discuss the all-time greats of the game, they often revert back to teams they've never seen play in person.  They often talk about past generations of great players who changed the game.  They do not tend to think in the present because it is rare that we witness greatness in the present.  People need to stop and appreciate greatness in the moment.  LeBron James is cementing his legacy among the all-time greats and he is only 29 years old.  Before his time is done he will continue to break more records and before our time is done we will be telling people about LeBron and his game to future generations.  From the 27 game win streak to the epic 7 game Finals series, LeBron James and the Miami Heat have had one of the greatest seasons in NBA history.  The debate of all-time greats will rage on for ages, but for right now, in the present, the best player in the game put on a transcendant performance that will be remembered forever.

Miami Heat repeat
The King Reigns once again.

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