Friday, June 21, 2013

Photos of the Week- Finals Edition

LeBron block, LeBron Finals block, LeBron Splitter block
LeBron with the monster block on Napolean Dynamite.

Tiago Splitter looks like Napolean Dynamite
Napolean with an easy layup in Game 3.

LeBron without a headband
"Leave the headband, take the cannoli."

Spurs Finals, Gary Neal, Boris Diaw, Heat Spurs Boris Diaw Gary Neal
Gary Neal stoppping Boris Diaw from picking up a hot dog on the court.
Ray Allen Heat Finals, Ray Allen Heat Finals Game 6 three pointer
Game 6.  Jesus Shuttlesworth! BAAANNNGGGGG!!!!!

Bosh Game 7, Bosh Finals, Chris Bosh Finals Game 7
Bosh-a-saurus laying a GOOse Egg in Game 7.

Juwan Howard Heat Bench, Juwan Howard Heat Finals
Juwan Howard's "left out of a high five" face.

Tim Duncan 2013 Finals Loss, Tim Duncan Finals
Do the Duncan 'no pants' dance

Ray Allen Heat Locker room celebration
Jesus Being Baptized.

Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley, Heat Repeat
Straight CHEESIN'
Ode du Manu

Manu and Coach Popovich, Manu Ginobili and Greg Popovich
"You see those stairs wayyy back there?  Good now GTFO "

Manu LeBron, Manu kicking LeBron
Tango two steppin' into LeBron's ribcage

Ginobili getting kicked GIF
Taking one for the team. 

Manu yelling
An Argentinian in Agony.

Manu Ginobili press conference
"One does not simply FLOP to the ground..."

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