Monday, June 3, 2013



This season the Eastern Conference has produced two terrific teams.  Miami went on an epic win streak this year while Indiana played great all season but finished quietly.  Most people wrote the Pacers off, but not the Miami Heat.  Miami has lost only 7 times in the last four months and 4 of them have been to the Pacers.  That is an unbelieveable amount of success against an incredibly good team.  It is the reason these two teams have slugged it out for six games and are headed for an EPIC GAME 7 tonight.

The MMA needs to get these two in an octagon ASAP.

It will be an incredible battle of will but Miami SHOULD win this game.  That being said, the following must happen:

1. Heat need to play interior defense and REBOUND THE BALL.  That means Joel Anthony will need to spell some of Birdman's minutes late in games when they need a stop.

2.  Chris Bosh has to have a double double.  Call his number early in the game, get him scoring on the low block and not just shooting jumpers all game.  Get his shot going and he'll be clutch in the fourth quarter.

3.  Dwayne Wade has to show up.  Period.  He has to attack the rim, find open players, and get to the foul line.  IF HE DOES NOT SHOW UP THE HEAT WILL LOSE.  Where hath thou gone Dwayne?

4.  Coach Spo needs to work his rotation better.  Ray Allen plays extended minutes and tires easily.  Save him for the fourth quarter.  Get Mike Miller in early to spread the floor and hit some threes.  Play Miller, LeBron, and Battier together and create mis-matches.

If the Heat can accomplish these things they should win.  If the Pacers want to have any chance of winning, Paul George must explode for 50 points and Coach Vogel must pull a rabbit out of his ass hat.  Stranger things have happened.  

Paul George looking to make history tonight.     ( Photo @hellbydante )

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