Tuesday, October 29, 2013

**Hater Disclaimer**

The idea of continually hating LeBron for his 'decision' is an insult to basketball fans worldwide.  When a GM assembles a championship team he is hailed a genius, but when a player decides his own future he is deemed a traitor.  Lets not forget Melo forced his way out of Denver, CP3 forced his way out of New Orleans, and DUHWight forced his way out of Orlando AND Los Angeles.  In the new free agency landscape, even more players will be leaving their old squads to going up with fellow superstars in attempts to WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS.  (See Jalen Rose's predictions for Durant, Westbrook, and Kevin Love)  LeBron is just the first of many players over the next decade to control his own destiny and choose where he wants to play.  We here at Roundball Manor ask that you enjoy the transcendent play of LeBron James this season instead of hating on him.  He is a once in a lifetime talent that will be EVEN BETTER this season.  He will be going for his third straight MVP season, a feat that not even Michael Jordan accomplished and hasn't been done since Lary Bird from 1983-86.  So instead of being angry and sipping that sideline haterade, try to enjoy and appreciate true basketball greatness because it only comes around once in a generation.  Let the Roundball begin!

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