Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday Mornings Inside the Mind of an NBA Guy

By: Pete Certo

It must be another new season in the NBA because the Spurs are 19-5 and of course, not a single peep about them.  Of note, they are doing this with Duncan turning in one of his worst statistical performances in years.  The Spurs organization continues to impress.  (Applause).
Also: PHX is 14-9.  Whaaaat?!  Jeff Hornacek has my Coach of the Year vote.  Wow.
On a related note:  Miles Plumee's block and stare down sequence of Cousins was simply incredible.
I openly root for Kendrick Perkins to do foolish things on the court.  His reactions are so enjoyable and nonsensical.  Crack a smile, bruh.  We ain't scurred.
The Sixers' handling of MCW is comical.  Reading all his injury reports makes for a good time as last night's was "skin infection'.  Next week, they plan to use "Sneezed in a dusty room, likely out for safety's sake".
LBJ is shooting .598 from the field.  (Shaking head at the absurdity of that)
Had a good laugh at the fantasy update on Yahoo about Anthony Bennett saying he has lost 12-15 pounds and has been watching tapes of him playing basketball in College.  Good Stuff.
However, not as good as Larry Sander's recent update informing his owners (me, for one) that Milwaukee Police have issued Sanders two citations for his role in a bar fight.
Mike Woodson is perhaps best known for his facial hair.  Everyone is quick to state that he has the best goatee.  However, technically he does not have a goatee - he has what is actually called a "circle beard".  A goatee is something different.  By the way, you are welcome for that ice breaker you can use during awkward moments at your Christmas parties this month.
I enjoy David Stern a ton and I will miss him when he is gone.  At the same time though, I am excited to see what new ideas Adam Silver will be bringing to the table when he assumes the throne.
Anybody else finding NBA Inside Stuff a bit underwhelming?  I am happy it is back, but it just seems to be missing something. Just be sure to keep bringing Kristen Ledlow out in her little outfits.
What's the over/under number of games before Rudy Gay quits frontin' and stops passing and setting up teammates?  Hint:  It’s a low number.
The Rip City vs Motor City matchup this week was an awesome site for jersey aficionados worldwide.  
In case you didn't know, J.R. Smith freezed/froze himself out against the Celtics a couple days ago.  Yeah, he did that.  
These Judge Reinhold (Omer Asik) trade rumors are out of control.  Every day you hear three more potential scenarios heard from 'sources' throughout the league.  I vote that from here on out, any time a rumor is reported by a 'source', the rumor should be immediately followed by "You've been Broussarded."

The Blake Griffin GameFly commercial where he flies out of the TV is much funnier than those gawd-awful Kia Griffin-Force ads.
Jordan Crawford is playing spectacularly, and it makes everyone think "Oh, he's finally getting it."  Nahhh.  It is a contract year.  He's on that Tim Thomas tip...
I can't wait for Barkley to run a team as a GM.  It will happen.

Pete Certo is a Philadelphia native, a Roundball Global Ambassador, and a member of The Knight's Watch. Follow @RoundballPete on twitter.

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