Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NBA Mock Draft

1. Cleveland Cavaliers- Andrew Wiggins- SF
He makes the most sense, can play both SG and SF which they need, is a freak athlete and will only improve over the next several years.  His defense and range is what sets him apart from Jabari Parker.  He is now the surefire #1 pick, but just remember, it's the Cavs picking so who the hell knows.

2. Milwaukee Bucks- Dante Exum- PG/ Jabari Parker- PF
I think they take a shot for the fences with Exum.  With Giannis Antetokounmpo slotted in at the SF spot,  Parker would be fighting for minutes there and slide down to the PF spot, which is not his natural NBA fit.  He gets buckets and would score a ton, but if Exum has the higher ceiling, the Bucks could grab their franchise Point Guard for the next decade.  If they go the safe route then Jabari Parker is their man.

3. Philadelphia 76ers- Noah Vonleh- PF
The Sixers are not drafting Dante Exum.  They are not trading MCW.  They are looking to build around a franchise Point Guard and franchise Center.  They need their starting shooting guard, small forward and power forwards of the future.  Jabari Parker fits that role and could be a scoring machine, but if you told me I can draft the next Carmelo Anthony or the next Chris Bosh, I am going with Bosh.  Jabari Parker isn't quick enough to guard 3's and will have to drop down to the 4 at times, where he will also be a defensive liability.  For all of his scoring power, and he has a ton, offense wins games and defense wins championships.  Vonleh has the prototypical size and strength for a power forward that loves to rebound and has the shooting touch to stretch out defenses.  He is only 19, has a 7 foot wingspan, and would be an ideal backcourt partner for Nerlens Noel.  He is the perfect guy to continue to build the young Sixers franchise.

4. Orlando Magic- Jabari Parker- PF/ Dante Exum- PF
Should the Bucks go safe, Dante Exum falls Magically into their laps.  (See what I did there?).  Jameer Nelson is a free agent and Exum is the highest rated PG on the board.  he fits their most pressing need.  If Parker MAGICALLY falls to them at this spot, (See what I did there??) they will gobble him up, like a Magician.
I feel the Magic really want Exum, so a possible swap/trade with Milwaukee seems quite feasible.  The Bucks can drop back to 4, still draft a quality player in Parker or Vonleh, and scoop up another asset.  Just might work.

5. Utah Jazz- Aaron Gordon- PF
Taking the best available, the Jazz give Trey Burke an alley-oop partner for the future.  This guy plays above the rim and will give the Jazz and much needed spark.  Look for them to take a stab at a top 3 pick as well.

6. Boston Celtics- Joel Embiid- C
The Celtics will take a shot on Embiid, and Danny Ainge has the patience and the draft picks to play this one out.  The C's are in rebuild mode, and if they take Embiid, it could mean the near end for Rajon Rondo in green.  The C's could also package this pick with several others for Kevin Love.  The best two prospects available at this point; Marcus Smart and Julius Randle, do not fit their most pressing needs.  The Celtics need a franchise center and will scoop up Embiid with the steal of the night.

7. Los Angeles Lakers- Julius Randle- PF
The Lakers get their new franchise power forward in Randle, a low post scoring machine that will give the them a nice inside-outside balance on offense.  The Lakers should make a run at a few key free agents like Kyle Lowry and Loul Deng, but Randle is their future big man in the paint.

8. Sacramento Kings- Marcus Smart- PG
Kings grab Smart, who gives them size and leadership at the point.  Regardless of what they do with Isiah Thomas, Smart will be able to contribute to the Kings from day one.

9. Charlotte Hornets- NOT Doug McDermott
Man it feels good to type Charlotte Hornets.  Ok, EVERY "expert" and every mock draft has the Hornets taking McDermott.  This is why it will not happen: Adam Morrison.  Yep.  Great college player, scored a ton of buckets at a mid-major, never took the next step at the pro level and finished his career on the bench looking like Jesus.  I do think McDermott has the skill to be a 3 point specialist, but MJ is still having nightmares about that pick and wont even sniff Dougy on Draft night.  Get over it.

10.  Philadelphia 76ers- Zach LeVine PG/SG
If the Sixers nab Parker or Vonleh, they'll get their PF of the future.  Next they'll need some scoring and playmaking from the guard and small forward positions.  LeVine has monster potential and insane athletic ability.  Could he be the next Russell Westbrook?  The Sixers could pair two 6'6" guards and have a menacing backcourt if LeVine blossoms and reaches his potential.  If not, scoring guards like McDermott, Nik Stauskas or Gary Harris would be solid additions. 
The Sixers are also loaded with 5 second round picks, so look for them to flip two seconds for a late first and grab another solid player like K.J Daniels or Glenn Robinson III to give some depth at wing.

11. Denver Nuggets- Gary Harris- PG
Nuggets need some stability in the backcourt and Harris can provide just that.  He can play alongside Ty Lawson and give Denver a lift on both sides of the ball.

12. Orlando Magic- Rodney Hood- SG
Magic could use some more perimeter help and Hood has one of the best strokes in the draft.  At 6'9" he can play both SG and SF and crate some mismatches for opposing teams.

13. Minnesota TimberWhites- A White Guy.
The TimberWhites will be drooling for Doug McDermott, but will settle for Nik Stauskus, continuing their tradition of the whitest team ever.

14.  Phoenix Suns- Adreian Payne- PF
This 4 year senior will be a welcome addition to any NBA roster, he has range on offense and grit on defense.  He will be a solid rotation player for years to come.

The rest of the first round?  Who the hell knows, you certainly don't.  Sprinkle in a few busts, a few sleepers and a handful of draft and stash Eastern European Point Forwards that will never play ONE game in The Association.  Happy Drafting!

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