Wednesday, July 2, 2014

5 Free Agent Fits

These five impact free agents would be best suited on the following teams:

Paul Pierce- Indiana Pacers or Los Angeles Clippers/Lakers
PP has some options here.  The storybook ending would have him heading home to LA for a final season, preferably with Doc Rivers and the Clip show.  However, he could probably get a more lucrative offer from the Lakers.  Roundball Manor feels his best fit would be with the Pacers, playing alongside Paul George and setting up another Eastern Conference Finals battle against the Heat.

Luol Deng- Dallas Mavericks
Last year the Mavs had a terrific team and gave the Spurs a 7 game battle in the first round of the playoffs.  Their most pressing need?  A two-way small forward that can play defense and knock down the three.  Luol Deng fits that need to a T.  He would compliment Dirk and Monta Ellis and give them a three headed attack on offense, and an upgrade on defense.  Loul's best fit is in big D under Rick Carlisle.

Kyle Lowry- Los Angeles Lakers
If you were Lowry, where would you want to play?  With multiple suitors, the control is in Kyle's court.  The Lakers have the ability to offer him the most money, and with Kobe playing on one leg, he would be the engine that makes the Lakers engine go.  Kobe can't do it himself and Lowry would bring the most and immediate impact to the Lakers, running the offense and helping to take some of the scoring load and play making responsibilities.  With a contract around 12-15 per year, the Lakers will still have some available cash to throw at a big man, giving them a nice rotation to compete this season.  It is the best possible scenario for Laker fans.

Carmelo Anthony- Chicago Bulls
If Melo is serious about a championship, this is clearly is best chance.  A sign and trade with the Knicks would suit both teams and make 'Melo the most salary.  What is interesting is what the two sides will be able to work out; the Knicks do not want Carlos Boozer and the Bulls do not want to part with Jimmy butler or Taj Gibson.  Melo could take a lesser deal around 13-15 per year for a chance at that trophy.

Pau Gasol- Memphis Grizzlies
Why sign Zach Randolph to a three year deal when you could have 'Los Hermanos Gasolos' patrolling the paint in Memphis for a discount?  That would make for an amazing drama series on Univision.  Lots of uncombed hair and neck beard action, accompanied by some Spanish flamenco music and highlights of some beautiful 7 foot pick and roll action.  The Manor can only hope.  Gasol could still command in the 10 mil per year range, and he has to decide whether to take a pay cut for a contender or take another pay check for a random team. Don't rule out a return to the Lakers, but a WWE style team up in Memphis would be wondrous.

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